Rich Clune


Debut show. Why I have outted myself as an alcoholic in recovery and where im at today. Setting the record straight.

2014-07-24 13:24:21


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Behnam @behnam0shahab

perfect 👏

Ali Lawrence @alilawrence

Really dig this. Love the raw honesty in your voice. Hope to here more of this soon.


Thanks for sharing! That takes alot of guts to put yourself out there....

Ray Novak @raynovak

Rich, #1 fan here in Nashville .. Sit 2 rows behind Vince 110, DD So glad to hear your story. Love the honesty and realistic view. It appeals to addicts and high functioning addicts.. Looks like the Ice Girls are coming back.. LooK for Lakelyn..

Johnny Molotov @kopeyka

came across this theough Puck Daddy Blog. Great stuff. thanks for sharing and good luck!

Lisa Allen @misslisa

Thank you

michael kliman @shadydad13

Brave broadcast have a great season in nashvillw

SarahBeth @sarahbethpenn

A friend shared this with me and thank you got sharing your battle with us. I don't know you & I'm very proud of you. Look forward to hearing more.

Arabella Roberts @arabella.roberts

I love how you are a man thats in touch with your emotions... I also love a new pair of shoes!!

James Fisher @jamesfisher12

Rich thanka for sharing your story buddy! See ya in ottawa


Spot on man

parxher @parxher



Powerful stuff


Great opening tune

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