Sean Avery
Game 2 Re-cap and my first INSTARADIO

Jenn Sullivan

Lets Go Rangers!!!!

Geneva Kliman

As a canadian hockey player I appreciate the player insight - but those words of wisdom at the end are priceless ... Keep 'em coming ;)

Austin Shaw

You should write a book, no brainer, itd sell like hot cakes

Andrea Tierney

Your too funny! U still own that bar down town???


This was great hope to hear more from you , you rocked it loved the whole raw feel of it. Going to recap game 3 tomorrow/tonight?


Sean, I listen to you from all the way in Japan.. Of all places. That PROVES you did a great job. I could see myself addicted to this like crack, but I wouldn't be sucking dick for it. Keep loving life Sean!! You are awesome!


So sick. I need more! Pls do a live one. LOvE.


Pls. Do this again. Why dont you try to do it LIVE- add a whole new dimension to watching.


Fucking awesome

Jim Galvin

Sean your the man!!!

James Vasquez


James Vasquez

Great Job, I told you yesterday on Twitter that you will be great. Know we need your review of game 3.


this is great

Brendan M Hayes


Brendan M Hayes

Thought u hit it right on the head sean.....henriks legs sure are fuckin tan lol


Wow...loved it! Hope you do this after each game in this series..

Ryan Renna

Awesome - what a game

katie gish

This is great! I hope you can do this for the rest of the series! Its nice to hear the truth from a players perspective. :)

Reed Wagner


Herbert Mai

great to hear from you Sean!!


Sick game. This is awesome

Luc Vermeulen

Im a big fan, you should shout me out so i know its live

Luc Vermeulen

This is great

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